Makeblock Spider

An interesting metal spider built by Makeblock, no electronics needed.

Makeblock Walle

The Makeblock Walle uses 3 DC motors, 2 servos, wheels, track, Arduino, and other Makeblock modules. It can move automaticly or controlled by an Android phone.


Makeblock Camera Dolly

The Camera Skater is the perfect tool for camera movements. The four wheels allow smooth tracking movements, forward and back. And the direction of the wheels can be changed to make it moving circularly. The size can also be adapted to different camera equipment.

A 4 Legged Crawler Robot

The crawler only uses one DC motor and 6 AA batteries. It uses the famous transmission structure invented by Theo Jansen. The smart design moves four leggs without any programming.

A Car with Robot Hand

The robot hand is built with acrylic board cut by laser and driven by a servo. It can be used for a humanoid robot or any project that needs to get a grip.

Camera Slider

The camera slider is very useful for making professional videos. The camera moves smoothly. It only needs several parts of Makeblock. You can also add some electronic modules to control the way it moves.

Bluetooth Controlled Beer Service Robot

A bluetooth controlled beer servic robot can also be used for watering the flowers.

Caterpillar with Ultrasonic Sensor

The obstacle avoidance car was controlled by Arduino with an ultrasonic sensor and powered by6 pcs of 1.5V AA battery.

XY – Stage built with Makeblock

The XY – Stage  was built with 50cm*50cm length sliding rail, the timing belt, step motors, motor drivers, and a micro-controller. It works very good. And even you can build a XYZ – Stage with Makeblock by yourself.

Android Controlled Caterpillar

The Arduino Controlled Caterpillar was equipped by a bluetooth module and a two channel motor driver. It can be controlled by the Android Phone through the bluetooth.  The bluetooth 4.0 and the APP for iphone is also in planning.